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What Is The Maurice Meade Hair Academy?

Maurice Meade Hair Academy is a training academy that teaches students the skills and techniques required to become successful hairdressers. The Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to guide students on a pathway towards a successful career in the hair industry.

What Type of Courses Do You Offer?

Maurice Meade Hair Academy offers both school-based traineeships and on-the-job traineeships (Certificate II in Salon Assistant) as well as apprenticeships (Certificate III in Hairdressing). These programs provide students with hands-on training, practical experience, and industry-recognised qualifications to help them achieve their career goals in the hair industry. Various workshops through our the year.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For An Apprenticeship Or Traineeship?

School students above Year 9 and anyone who is looking to start or change their career to hairdressing are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship at Maurice Meade Hair Academy.

What Is The Duration Of The Courses?

School based Traineeship 6-9 months, On the job Traineeship – 1 Year, Full time salon Apprenticeship – 3 Years

Is The Academy Accredited?

we offer both Certified and non certified courses, all certified coursed are partnered with South Metro Tafe

Do You Offer Online Courses Or Online Support?
Through our partnership with South Metro Tafe, all our students will be enrolled into Blackboard Learn, which is an online learning platform.
Do You Offer Any Job Placement Assistance After Graduation?

We offer permanent employment to all our eligible Apprentices with in or Origination

What Are The Career Opportunities After Completing The course?
Salon Stylist: You can work as a stylist in a hair salon and offer a variety of hair services such as cutting, styling, coloring etc.
Platform Artist: You can also become a platform artist, demonstrating your skills and techniques at trade shows, beauty events, and workshops.
Educator: You can share your knowledge and skills with others by becoming a hairdressing instructor or educator,
Beauty Influencer: You could consider using your hairdressing skills and creativity to become a beauty influencer, sharing your tips, tricks, and hairstyle tutorials with a large online audience.
Session Stylist: As a session stylist, you can work on photo shoots, fashion shows, and other events, creating unique and creative hairstyles for models and actors.
Editorial Stylist: As an editorial stylist, you can work for magazines, newspapers, and other publications, creating hairstyles for photo shoots and fashion editorials.
Bridal Stylist: If you have a passion for special occasion hair, you can specialize in bridal styling and offer hair services for brides and their bridal parties.
Fashion Show Stylist: You can also work as a stylist for fashion shows, creating unique and eye-catching hairstyles to complement the latest fashion trends.
Can Apprentices Or Trainees Receive Financial Aid?
Yes, apprentices and trainees in Western Australia may be eligible for financial assistance. The type of financial aid available to them would depend on various factors, visithttps://www.dtwd.wa.gov.au/ On the website, you can find information about various programs and initiatives that provide financial support to apprentices and trainees, such as the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) and other funding programs. You can also find information about eligibility criteria and how to apply for financial assistance.
What Sets Maurice Meade Hair Academy Apart From Other Schools?
Maurice Meade Hair Academy is focused on providing students with opportunities for career growth and development in the hair industry. Some of the factors that set Maurice Meade Hair Academy apart from other schools include:
  1. Association with a Leading Hair Salon: As part of Perth’s leading hair salon, students at Maurice Meade Hair Academy have the opportunity to learn and grow within a professional and well-established environment.
  2. Focus on Career Progression: Maurice Meade Hair Academy emphasizes the importance of career progression and offers students opportunities to build their skills and advance their careers in the hair industry.
  3. Supportive Environment: The school prides itself on offering a supportive environment for students, which can be a key factor in their success and satisfaction as they pursue a career in hairdressing.
  4. Recognition in the Industry: Maurice Meade is one of Australia’s most recognized names in the hair industry, and students who graduate from the academy can benefit from the reputation and credibility that comes with this recognition.
  5. Opportunities for Learning and Growth: The academy provides students with opportunities to learn and grow in a variety of areas, including hair styling, cutting/Colouring techniques, and industry best practices.

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